Upcoming- May 18th- Carl Kostyal Gallery. Malmo Sessions. Malmo. Sweden

Current - Eighteen Gallery. Peanuts. Copenhagen. Denmark

December- Untitled Art Fair. Marvin Gardens. Miami. FL

June 2018- Play Orbit. Marvin Gardens. Ridgewood. NY

June 2016- A Being in The World. Salon 94. New York. NY
September 2015 - Untitled Art Fair. Eric Firestone Gallery. Miami. FL                                                                                                                     July 2015 - She Sells Seashells By The Seashore. Group Show. Eric Firestone Gallery. East Hampton. NY.
May 2015 - The Coyote. Group Show. Steinsland Berliner Gallery. Stockholm Sweden
Januaty 2015 - Marking Time. Adam Baumgold Gallery. New York. NY
December 2014 - Untitled Art Fair. Eric Firestone Gallery. Miami. FL
February 2014 - Tip Top. Group Show. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. Brooklyn. NY
February 2014 - Razzle Dazzle. Solo Show. Snyderman Works Gallery. Philadelphia. PA
July 2013 - Drawings. Solo show. Beginnings Gallery.Brooklyn. NY
February 2013 - Group Show. Open Space Gallery. Baltimore. MD
September 2012 - Group Show. Beginnings Gallery. Brooklyn. NY
April 2012 - Itsa Small Small World. Group Show. Family Business. New York. NY

2005, BFA in Illustration and Design at The University of the Arts,
Philadelphia, PA